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4/16/18 3:07 PM
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Diamond Technology Institute


Pajaro Valley Unified School District Mission

The Mission of the Pajaro Valley Unified School District is to educate and to support learners in reaching their highest potential. We prepare students to pursue successful futures and to make positive contributions to the community and the global society.

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Diamond Technology Institute Mission

Diamond Tech blends academic and career technical education. The institute places high expectations on students, parents, teachers and administrators. The program and curriculum are based on a belief that students will be provided with a unique opportunity to prepare them to communicate, problem-solve, and perform authentic real-world tasks. Students will become competitive, competent, and highly skilled in order to meet the demanding standards of our time. During these years, in addition to career skills, students will obtain the essential concepts and course content that can lead them to a two or four year college program.

Diamond Technology Institute Vision

Diamond Technology Institute is an educational charter school committed to providing a center for engaged learning. Our diverse students can realize their potential and meet the demanding standards of the community, state, nation and the world.

Diamond Tech School-wide Learning Outcomes

White Tiger graduates are “SMART” because they are…


Self-directed learners who communicate effectively:

  • Demonstrating proficiency in reading, writing speaking and listening

  • Expressing creative and artistic abilities through a variety of projects

Mastering the skills necessary to succeed in career and college:

  • Applying skills to their personal, academic, career, and entrepreneurial goals

  • Incorporating information and technology in a dynamic world

  • Developing specialized interests and talents

  • Working independently and collaboratively

Applying technological skills for the 21st century:

  • Locating, extracting, interpreting, evaluating, organizing, processing and presenting
    information using a variety of resources

  • Demonstrating digital literacy

  • Demonstrating the practices of sound financial planning, budgeting, and marketing

  • Designing and fabricating a variety of technological projects

Representing self, school, and community through personal responsibility and global citizenship:

  • Attending school all day, every day

  • Participating in community improvement, networking, and service

  • Working collaboratively and individually towards common goals

  • Demonstrating a positive work ethic

  • Demonstrating acceptance of human individuality and diversity

  • Recognizing the interconnectedness of all things

Thinking critically and creatively

  • Using higher order thinking skills to solve problems

  • Making good decisions through analysis and interpretation of information

  • Transferring learned skills to real life

  • Taking calculated risks