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Institute Volunteer Opportunities


  • Description: Diamond Tech has some of our most devoted business and community volunteers band together to focus on three key areas: (1) raising funds for scholarships, fieldtrips and enrichment; (2) growing student programs by recruiting mentors, intern supervisors, & guest speakers; (3) expanding community partnerships to increase awareness and support.
  • Time Commitment: Two-year commitment to monthly meetings, carry out officer and chair duties, and mentor an academy student
  • Time of Year: year-round
  • Volunteers Needed: varies depending on openings on board
  • Details: Diamond Tech Board of Directors meets on the last Monday of each month


  • Description: Diamond Tech appreciates fundraising towards scholarships and student activities. All donations are tax-deductible. Diamond Tech also puts on annual events that require facilities, catering, and organizing.
  • Time Commitment: varies
  • Time of Year: year-round
  • Volunteers Needed: unlimited
  • Details: If you or your organization would like to organize a fundraiser for our program, please contact us.

Resource Support Opportunities


  • Description: Diamond Tech graduates 20 or more seniors each school year; the majority of our students are headed to college, despite coming from economically disadvantaged background. We greatly appreciate scholarship opportunities for our students from various organizations and businesses. Diamond Tech gives out annual scholarships in June.
  • Time Commitment: none
  • Time of Year: scholarship applications or donations accepted year-round; scholarship winners awarded in June
  • Volunteers Needed: unlimited
  • Details: If you or your organization would be interested in offering a scholarship to a Diamond Tech student or donating toward scholarships, please fill out the Industry Partner Volunteer Form.


  • Description: Diamond Tech is often in need of funds, office supplies, and professional clothing for disadvantaged students. Each year business and community partners generously donate these items. All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Time Commitment: minimal
  • Time of Year: year-round (school supply drives are appreciated in September; clothing drives are appreciated in January & February, fund are accepted all year)
  • Volunteers Needed: unlimited
  • Details: If you or your organization would be interested in donating funds, supplies, or clothing, please contact the main office at 831-728-6225. Funds are accepted all year through Paypal or by check.

Did we mention the online Industry Partner Volunteer Registration Form?